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History of iEG

Founded in 2005, iEG began setting a new standard in Industrial Electrical services. iEG quickly became a staple to the Industrial Electrical industry in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the company continued to grow to become an industry leader, iEG expanded to Charleston South Carolina, Greenville South Carolina and Denver Colorado. With 4 branch locations and counting, iEG has demonstrated that it is not limited by location. Years of growth and development allowed the budding iEG in 2005, to become known nationwide for having a fast reaponse time, innovation solutions, and a technical excellence approach. Now, iEG is still increasing it's reach as a company while providing unmatched career opportunities. Driven by innovation and excellence, iEG looks to set the standard for all industrial electrical companies nationwide. 


Founder of iEG- Brian Dunn

Brian was born and raised in Tennessee and attended college in South Carolina where he met his wife- Amy. Together, they have 5 children, Zac, Olivia, Maddy, Noah, and Emma. Brian brings not only technical experience in electrical distribution, but also has the unique ability to understand what it takes to lead a successful company. Prior to founding IEG, Brian worked extensively in the field of PLC programming, and controls design work. On his off time, Brian likes to spend time with family. 


IEG is committed to missions and making a positive impact! Each year, IEG donates to various organizations. In this effort, we are able to support Camp Li-Lo-Li, a church plan in Charlottesville, VA, and do work in the Marshall Islands. 

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IEG values each member of the IEG team. Each quarter our management team spends time building team camaraderie by planning fun events, while also providing the opportunity to reflect on all of the positives and negatives to improve the excellence of IEG's growth



To be the national standard in industrial electrical services.



To be a positive influence on all we encounter while delivering industrial electrical solutions with innovation and excellence.



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