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IEG is constantly pushing toward new resources to increase internal efficiency. This allows us to pass those resources, time, and savings on to each one of our customers.

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Electrical Contracting

With a history of proven excellence, our team will work with you to deliver and install customized Industrial Electrical solutions.


Industrial Automation

Our programmers will integrate applications to increase your company's efficiency and consistency through various equipment and control systems.


Custom Control Panels

With decades of engineering experience, we're able to efficiently create control panels that are cost-effective and specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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Recent Blog Posts


February Blog Post

As we state in our mission, we want to set the national standard for all industrial electrical companies. Part of that, is going into a site that may not be functioning the way they want, some of it goes into our marketing piece and helping us brand our company in a professional focused look, and some of it goes with how our customers view IEG. This month, some exciting things took place that we couldn’t wait to share with you!


January Blog Post

We are finally at that time of the year again, new year, new me! As for IEG, we thrive to become the national standard for industrial electrical companies around the nation. Our mission and goals stay the same, IEG thrives to keep our customers satisfied. What are some of your goals that you hope you will accomplish this year? This month has started out the year just right!


December Blog Post

The end of the year, the Holidays, here at IEG, it is a busy time! This month had a lot to offer between Christmas parties, some changes to the office, etc. Though it is a busy time, it sure it such an exciting season.